Although the term ‘FinTech’ may have been coined at some point during the 90’s, it was only after the birth of the internet and online banking that it evolved into a mainstream industry. Today, FinTech is the perfect example of how technology can advance and transform an age-old industry, such as finance, and create a brand new avenue for professional, creative and corporate growth.

Many of today’s financial and tech talent will be looking to FinTech as an ideal sector to call home and do great things, but before you hang your hat you must first unlock and step through the door. In this post, we’ll provide some advice for landing your dream job in FinTech.


Develop an Understanding of FinTech

FinTech combines two established, crucial and complex industries — finance and technology. The result is a hybrid industry that utilises smart technology to innovate and automate the way the world utilises financial services. But you must already know that, right?

Regardless of whether you are applying for a job in FinTech or any other industry, you must always research, research and then research some more. Not just about the company or role you are applying for, but the industry as a whole. If an interviewer has to spend the majority of the conversation explaining the various aspects of FinTech, it’s not only very tedious but also shows that you have minimal interest in the topic at hand.

Talk to people who have jobs in FinTech startups and larger organisations, read articles and watch videos about current news and events shaping FinTech. You don’t just need to know what FinTech is — anyone can achieve that with a quick search on Google — you need to know how it works and why.


Demonstrate an Aptitude for FinTech Job Skills

So you have established that you want to work in the FinTech industry, but have quickly stumbled upon the problem that faces many applicants: you need experience to get the job you want, but you cannot gain said experience until you get the job you want. We get it, it’s tough out there!

For a FinTech company to hire you, they must consider you to be a safe bet and someone who can genuinely benefit them. This is even more important for jobs in FinTech startups where growth is so vital and the employees play such a huge role. To succeed, you must demonstrate an understanding and aptitude for FinTech job skills, which of course are both in the financial and tech arenas. Unfortunately, sometimes you cannot simply rely on on-the-job training to achieve this.

If you can’t get work experience, a FinTech qualification can help you acquire essential knowledge and, just like other forms of education, a FinTech qualification helps you learn about the industry and how to work within it. A FinTech training course demonstrates to potential employers that you are serious about your interest in the industry and have the skills required to help them grow.


Evaluate Every Opportunity

The term “FinTech” may lead you to believe that to become a leading professional in the industry you must have a talent or in-depth knowledge of finance and technology, but that’s not the case.

If you are wondering how to get a job in FinTech, you must first evaluate what available roles fit your skill-set and career goals. Of course, to successfully work in FinTech, you must possess a basic knowledge of tech and finance, so you don’t feel entirely out of your depth or come off poorly in interviews and at events. With that said, you don’t have to be the next Bill Gates or have to be exceptionally proficient at coding to attain jobs in FinTech startups.

Just like any other industry, FinTech is always in need of a vast range of different professionals, such as salespersons, project managers, marketers, HR, data experts and many more. A successful FinTech startup is a well-oiled machine with many moving parts, all of which with unique and valuable skills that contribute to the company’s standing in the industry.

In short, if you are attracted to the FinTech industry — whether it’s because of the lucrative nature, innovative processes or just the opportunity to do something new — the avenues of work to explore are endless. If you have a lack of technological or financial knowledge, don’t be put off, because there’s always a place for you in FinTech — you just have to find the right role. Fortunately, we can help you with that…


Get Help from a FinTech Recruitment Specialist

Although you may well be able to find your dream job through conventional methods and systems, FinTech recruitment offers a vast array of resources that will help you both now and in the future. For example, networking is a crucial part of growing as a modern professional and establishing industry connections, but where do you start and do you have the time to network while job hunting or researching? With a recruitment company, you have access to a highly-screened network which is tailored to suit your needs and find opportunities that align with your goals.

Not only this, but a recruitment expert has seen hundreds if not thousands of candidates just like you, and have helped them to embark on an exciting career in FinTech — so it’s safe to say that they know a thing or two about what it takes to secure the role you want. With this knowledge, you will have a sense of direction and know which areas you need to focus on and refine to succeed.

FinTech is a highly-advanced and relatively new industry, so it can be a daunting endeavour to find the right job. The advice, guidance and support of a recruitment specialist will prove to be vital at times where, if you were trying to get a job on your own, you may miss opportunities or fall short of the mark.