The world is very much dictated by money, which now, thanks to FinTech, moves around quicker, safer and more efficiently than ever before. However, money is run by people, which means that if you are a FinTech firm, the quality of your employees is an essential part of your success — especially when it comes to an area as vital as sales. Simply put, the FinTech industry wouldn’t be where it is today without top-notch people in FinTech sales jobs.

So, how do you find the best possible candidates for FinTech sales roles? In this post, we’ll highlight a few ways to ensure that you have the resources and knowledge to find and hire some killer sales talent.


Finding Candidates Best-Suited to FinTech

Before we focus completely on sales, let’s talk about finding candidates who best suit the FinTech industry in general. Most technology recruitment journeys begin with professionals in the finance industry, working in technical roles. However, this isn’t to say that others do not possess transferable skills that work very well with the world of FinTech.

Graduate positions for people with degrees in IT, software engineering and similar fields can unearth fresh and exciting talent. Younger candidates who have grown up in the digital age can also be desirable, as they will generally be more familiar with technology and the industry. Those who possess the basic knowledge and skills can also adapt to a wide range of roles. The larger the candidate pool, the more chance you have of finding that unicorn hire.

Experienced individuals who have worked for FinTech startups are also very desirable, as are those with strong financial backgrounds as they possess substantial knowledge that can be utilised in various roles.


Don’t Be Quick to Write Off Less Experienced Candidates

Although the above is very much true for FinTech sales roles, a salesperson does require a specific set of skills and savvy that comes with being in a sales environment. Of course, you want your sales candidates to have a basic understanding and knowledge of the financial industry and technology. However, they don’t have to be a leading authority on either.

It’s for this reason that it’s vital to broaden your horizons in regards to FinTech sales recruitment. Ideally, your candidate will have worked in a finance or technical role beforehand and have a working knowledge of FinTech — but if they don’t, there’s no need to write them off yet. Being successful in sales isn’t easy, and the competitive nature of the sector demands hard work and dedication to succeed. Both are desirable traits in any employee. A candidate with less FinTech experience may just turn out to be a ‘Wolf of FinTech’ in the making, they just need the time to develop their knowledge on the job while the sales aspect speaks for itself.


How to Spot an Ideal FinTech Sales Candidate

This can be a challenging part of the FinTech sales recruitment process, as the industry itself is so varied and unique. Every candidate is unique and will have their own approach towards the sales process. However, in the world of sales, success speaks volumes if a candidate has experience in other sales roles and has demonstrated an aptitude for consistently closing deals and a passion for their work. They are someone you should watch closely.

To be a successful salesperson, you must know your product/service through-and-through. FinTech is a new and ever-changing industry, so a candidate who has the ability and motivation to learn the ins and outs of the FinTech industry (even if it is brand new to them) is someone you want on your team. To make sales they will need to know what they are talking about, which means you need someone who is prepared to consistently learn on the job, be passionate about their craft, and show you that they are prepared to go the extra mile.

During the interview process, you can learn a lot from a candidate and get some insight into what they would be like as an employee. If your candidate has researched your company, great, but a killer salesperson will have gone beyond that and delved deep into the specifics of FinTech sales and how they can help your company to grow. FinTech is by no means a walk in the park or something you can master over a short period, but a candidate who shows the drive and ability to develop a working knowledge while simultaneously switching on the sales charm — well, let’s just say they’re probably a keeper.

As mentioned above, a candidate who has a financial or tech-based sales background will benefit you immensely as they already have a basic understanding of FinTech. But when it comes to sales, there is always going to be the occasional fast-learning wildcard who may well prove to be the sales machine your company needs.


Get Help from a FinTech Sales Recruitment Specialist

Professional recruitment services are a cornerstone of every modern industry, and one of the most modern industries, FinTech, is no different. Finding the perfect candidate for FinTech sales jobs can be difficult since there are so many people interested in pursuing a FinTech career. It takes time, effort and resources to achieve — all of which can be difficult for modern companies to spare while attending to the many crucial aspects of running a business.

By partnering with a FinTech sales recruitment specialist, you have access to the bespoke advice and guidance of a professional recruiter, but also can utilise a highly-screened network of potential candidates. With these types of resources, you will be able to significantly narrow down the search for the best salespeople available and focus on the specific traits or experience you require for them to slot into your team.

Not only this, but working closely with a FinTech sales recruitment team doesn’t have to be a one-time deal. They can continue to work with you in the future to steer brilliant candidates into your path and accelerate the growth of your company. A successful company is only as good as the people behind it. So why not let us help you define your company’s future with the perfect sales candidates?