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Are you new to the industry and looking for your first FinTech sales, marketing, IT, risk or HR job? Or perhaps you’re an experienced candidate seeking a new opportunity in FinTech? Wherever you are in your career, iopa Solutions can help you find the perfect role in one of the world’s fastest growing industries. You might not think FinTech jobs are easy to come by, but with our help, you’ll have the pick of the bunch.

Securing Your Dream FinTech Job With A Little Help From iopa Solutions

At iopa Solutions, we understand that job hunting can be a challenge, particularly in the FinTech industry where innovation and change occur every day. Whether you’re interested in marketing, finance, management, HR, risk management or FinTech executive jobs, we’ll work with you to find the right opportunity. We’re here to place candidates in jobs they love, not just jobs they need.

The FinTech market is vast, and expanding more and more every day as new talent emerges. While this does make the industry competitive, there’s nothing wrong with some healthy competition! Especially when you’ve got a top recruiter like iopa Solutions on your side. Once a job is secured, we’ll ensure you have all the resources you’ll need to grow, thrive and succeed in the new role – and of course, future roles when the time comes.

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“Without question partnering with iopa Solutions has been a key part of our growth and success, helping us to hire the right people and scale rapidly.”


CEO, Series A RegTech Start-Up

“iopa Solutions has been our recruitment partner of choice when hiring for talent globally. Their professionalism, and ability to deliver high quality candidates quickly is second to none.”


CEO, Fortune 500 Banking Software Company

“We have worked with over 300 different recruitment companies in the past five years alone, however Jas and his team at iopa Solutions are undoubtably the best. They know how to fill those difficult to fill requirements and I have always relied on them to help me build my team effectively.”


Global Head Sales, Top 3 Market Data Vendor

“We have hired over 50 people through iopa Solutions over the past 10 years and most of them are still with our business – we can rely on the team at iopa not just to find hard-to-find talent but also people who fit into the culture of our company and are with us for the long term”


Global Head HR, FX Trading Company

“What differentiates iopa Solutions is the effort and professionalism they show to work alongside our business – we have an internal recruitment function that fills the majority of our roles, however we can rely on iopa to help us fill vacancies that we need urgent help with, without worrying about them going around our process.”


Global Head Talent Acquisition, SaaS Company

“iopa Solutions has always helped us hire the best people across our portfolio of businesses – I would recommend them highly to any PE firm looking to hit their growth objectives.”


Partner, Global FinTech Private Equity Company

“The crypto space is a relatively new space, so hiring the right people wasn’t obvious for us. After struggling with other agencies, working with the iopa Solutions team was a unique experience as they coached us through the various options, helped us hire really hard-to-find talent and ultimately took us from a start-up to over 200 people in a just a few years.”


COO/Co-founder, Top 3 Cryptocurrency Exchange

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Business Analyst


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Working With You To Find Your Place In The Industry

iopa Solutions is at the forefront of FinTech recruitment. Over the last fifteen years we’ve had incredible success sourcing exciting roles for top candidates within the industry. We’ve placed job seekers in hundreds of FinTech jobs, UK-based and global, across disciplines such as management, marketing and finance, for candidates at all career levels.

Unlike other FinTech recruiters, we believe in adopting a personal approach. When we partner with you, we get to know you on a deeper level, guiding you through processes and helping you advance in your career.

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Why Choose iopa Solutions?

  • We will help you grow, thrive and succeed in your FinTech career ambitions
  • We can match you to your ideal employer based on your skills and preferences
  • You’ll be first in line when it comes to hearing about new opportunities
  • We’ll partner with you and get to know you so that we’re always sending you the best opportunities
  • We recruit into all disciplines of FinTech, from sales and marketing to IT, risk management and HR
  • We have over fifteen years of FinTech recruitment experience placing candidates in top firms

FAQ – iopa Solutions

Does iopa Solutions Recruit Across All Areas Of FinTech?

iopa Solutions places candidates in top FinTech jobs across all disciplines, including sales, marketing, I.T and HR. We have over fifteen years of experience working with candidates and recruiting for countless FinTech firms, and our specialisms also include risk management, compliance and regulatory. No matter what kind of role you’re looking for in the industry, we can provide expert support and help you land your perfect job in no time.

How Do I Find Good FinTech Jobs?

Finding good FinTech jobs can be a challenge if you’re going it alone, but with the help of iopa Solutions, it’s never been easier. We’re connected with countless innovative FinTech companies, all looking for top talent and waiting to be paired up with a candidate like you. We’ll get to know you on a personal level, discuss your interests within the job market and start looking for your ideal role.

Are Most UK FinTech Jobs London-Based?

Not at all – there are great pools of FinTech jobs across the UK, and indeed globally. All you need is the knowledge to find those that are right for you. With our help, you can be first in line for all new and relevant opportunities, wherever they may be. We have the experience and expertise to match you with your dream job in no time.