Chief Revenue Officer – How iopa Solutions helped increased a leading FinTech SaaS providers’ sales revenue by 50%

Five years ago, iopa Solutions became acquainted with a relatively new UK FinTech SaaS provider. This client was promoting a disruptive SaaS technology and was rapidly becoming a well-known name in the FinTech industry.

The innovative technology and entrepreneurial ways of working were a natural inspiration for iopa. We love learning about business and technology and despite the client not having the capacity to hire through an agency, we remained in contact to feed our natural curiosity of how this client was penetrating the market.

Through business conversations and our experience of how past clients have gained success in emerging markets, we acted as advisers to the CEO of what options could be available to further penetrate the market.

By consulting and understanding the client’s business needs and ambitions, iopa Solutions were able to offer an outside perspective of the common pitfalls that other start-up companies have encountered.

This advice was well received and demonstrated that iopa are not just interested in the short-term financial gain of placing candidates but more interested in building long-term trusted and strategic partnerships. We gave our time and industry knowledge to the CEO who appreciated this greatly and always made himself available for a progress catch up call.

Moreover, as we conversed with the CEO, we were able to use our FinTech market knowledge to advise of lucrative market opportunities that may have not been considered.

One opportunity which was considered as a possibility was expanding into the USA to increase sales revenue. Our client however, had no prior experience of setting up an office oversees and had understandable reservations about how to manage an oversees team. Fortunately, over the past 15 years, iopa Solutions have formed solid relationships with experts within the field. We were able to connect the client with a Senior Sales Director who had 15 years experience within the FinTech SaaS space and was looking to relocate to the USA. He had a solid previous track record of setting up offices overseas and successfully recruiting and managing a sales team.

There was no pressure on the client to hire this individual. If anything, this began as an informal chat. However, as iopa previously took the time to understood the client and the type of personality and values they look for within their employees, we knew this would be a match made in heaven!

Fast forward a couple of weeks and the individual was hired to open up an office within the USA. Within 4 months, sales revenues for the client were up by 50% and continue to grow within the USA market. Through our natural curiosity, experience of working with lots of types of businesses, taking time to understand the client, we forged a successful partnership which is still holding strong today.