Why Leaders Count Their Blessings, Not Their Troubles


By Jas Singh

Life is an emotional roller-coaster.

Ups and downs, highs and lows.

We’ve all gone from ecstasy to the depth of despondency in a flash. Whether it is our health, relationships, or ambitions, what we have on the outside often controls how we feel on the inside.

The problem is, with the increase of mass-media we are surrounded with “perfect” role models. And so we begin to believe that we must have it all to keep up. To fit in. To feel complete. The health, the looks, the relationships, the children, the career, the fame and off course….the money.

With such unrealistic pressure, it’s no wonder that mental health issues are at record levels. Nowadays, it common for most people to spend mountains of time, effort and money simply trying to make up for what they believe they need rather than focus on the riches they already have.

Whether it’s the receding hair-line, last years “poor” (but still more than enough) bonus, or our children not being first in their maths class, we spend most of our time thinking about our troubles.

But great leaders are different. In ten years as a hiring specialist I can say with confidence that even in the toughest times they spend more time focusing on the positives. On counting their blessings. On being grateful.

Here are some reasons why great leaders count their blessings and not their troubles.

It puts them in a positive state

How we feel in the inside is the fuel for what we do on the outside.

Our beliefs, actions and eventually results are the direct reflection of our emotional well being.

All top achievers understand that being able to control one’s state in a positive way is one of the most powerful ingredients in success. It’s the starting point of all riches and achievement.

Feeling positive means moving forward. Feeling negative means going backwards.

Great leaders understand that focusing on their troubles is a huge waste of their time and resources. By doing so they spend more time in a negative state which destroys initiative, imagination and action. They understand that although life can be hard – even at times devastating – there is always something to be grateful for.

And the ironic thing about counting your blessings?

By feeling blessed you’re more likely to take further action with belief. Which means probably gaining what else you want in life anyway.

Great leaders use positive emotions.

It keeps them healthy

Focusing on your troubles is the fastest way to an early grave.

Worry in all it’s forms has a negative impact on the entire body. It raises cortisol levels, increases blood pressure as well as a countless list of other things. It’s now even been proven by many scientific studies that even mild anxiety over a sustained period of time can causes health problems and ultimately an increased likelihood of death.

The good news however is that it doesn’t happen overnight. Our bodies are incredibly resilient and usually give us plenty of warning signs before things becomes irreparable.

However many people still don’t take notice.

Great leaders understand that counting your blessing makes one feel grateful. It brings perspective of what is really important in life. It makes us feel good.

By spending most of their time living in an emotionally positive place they stay healthy.

It attracts others

There’s nothing that empties a room faster than a serial complainer.

As social creatures, we thrive on living in groups that are connected and loving. Those who are continually expressing negative emotions are less fun to be around and so we avoid them. In fact a negative attitude is the sure-fire and fastest way to repel others.

We’ve all experienced becoming annoyed, frustrated or even outright angry by someone who continually expressed negative “vibes”.

On the flip side, those who are positive all the time we become attracted to. We admire those people who see the positive side of life even in the midst of tragedy. We respect them. We listen to them. We follow them.

Great leaders understand that they can achieve nothing without the support and belief of others.

And these others will only follow someone who believes in who they are.

Great leaders cause others to feel blessed.


The chances are that if you’re reading this, you probably have more than most people on this planet.

Hiring managers can gain much from those who are ambitious – but still count their blessings over their troubles.

They’ll probably go on to achieve more anyway.

What are you blessed with?

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