Why It’s Sexy To Work In Technology Today


By Jas Singh

Not so long ago, most of us had a stereotyped image of people who worked in technology.

Thick rimmed glasses, woolen tank-top, dinosaur pencil pot.

The image of a “nerdy” programmer attracting hot girls was tongue-in-cheek satire for many a music video.

Fast forward a few decades and those working in the technology industry today are seen as the style icons of the working industry.

Whether it’s the latest Zuckerberg, technology evangelist or digital marketing guru, everyone wants a byte of the next big superstar.

Here are a few reasons why it’s sexy to work in technology today.

Technology is bling 

Throughout the ages, anything associated with luxury and wealth has attracted admirers.

Whether it has been fast cars, high end fashion or luxury retreats, the idea of the high life and abundance appeals to most people.

Just like ancient trade merchants or industrial revolutionists, many an ordinary person has experienced rapid success or become an overnight celebrity with a novel idea or solution.

Plus technology has now become a fashion. We all identify with a particular product.

Whether it’s Skype, Snapchat or Spotify we all follow those brands who we identify ourselves with.

After all, we all know someone who just has to have the latest iPhone.

Technology is artistic 

The most successful artists are usually those who push the boundaries of regular thinking.

Those forward thinking people who cause us to look at the world in a totally different way.

Whether it’s Jazz music, psychedelic paintings or Pixar animation, anything that creates a unique human experience is often greeted with awe and admiration.

With technology developing so rapidly and now touching nearly every part of our lives, there has never been such a great opportunity for everyday people to express novel thinking through new technology products and services.

Anything that makes our life quicker, easier or more fulfilling will always be appreciated.

Tech entrepreneurs are the artists of the 21st Century.

Technology is risky 

There’s something sexy about those very few people who live their lives on the edge.

Whether it’s James Bond, Samantha Jones or Vin Diesel we all love a person whose prepared to take a risk based purely on their belief in themselves.

Maybe it’s because we aspire to be like them.

Even the word entrepreneur literally means someone who is prepared to take on risks in the hope of profit.

Look at every great achiever in history and invariably you’ll find someone who was prepared to take risks that others weren’t.

The technology sector is perhaps the riskiest industry out there. Fast change, competitors appearing every day, billion dollar companies being wiped out over night.

But greater risk can equal much greater rewards.

Whether they succeed or fail, risk takers never regret not trying.


Technology is the new rock n’ roll.

So much so, that even rock n’ roll and Hollywood celebrities are piling in to invest in the latest hot tech stock.

The power is now with the techies.

Will you come over to the world of technology?

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