Why Great Leaders Use Experts


By Jas Singh

A few months ago, we made a decision to change our internal database. We’d had our old system for 8 years, with over 2 million candidate records, but the system itself was really outdated.

We get contacted by technology providers all the time so thought it would be relatively straight forward: Hit Google, do some research, screen a few providers and choose the best one.

How wrong we were.

We spent endless hours viewing demos. Trying to figure out what was best for our business. Everyone had a different opinion. After 3 months, all we had reached was even more confusion.

In the end, we called up a specialist CRM consultancy.

They met us for 2 hours. Went away for a week. Came back with 2 possible solutions. We selected one. They tweaked it some more. We loved it. They then even managed to get us a reasonable discount with the software provider.

Because they’d done this thousands of times before.

They were experts.

We live in a world now where it’s easier than ever to access information. In super quick time. And so gaining knowledge has never been easier. We’re all multi-tasking and multi-learning more than ever before.

But there’s a problem with this seemingly logical approach.

You see knowledge is one thing.

But expertise is another.

In order to achieve the best you need expertise.

Here are some reasons why great leaders use experts.

It saves time

In today’s fast changing and competitive world, time is of the essence.

If time is wasted, by the time the product has been built, there are already ten other companies doing the same thing. If you don’t win market share quick enough, people will copy your idea and scale it faster. If your hiring process is longer than a couple weeks someone will steal great talent from under your nose.

Leaders have to move fast to get ahead. And stay ahead.

The major reason why most people try to do things themselves and avoid using an expert is to try and save money.

Without considering the value of their time.

Sure you could learn to build your own internal IT systems but how long will it take? Is saving a few thousand dollars on a consultant really worth 3 months of your time?

Great leaders use experts to save time.

It increases quality

That’s not to say all people who claim to be experts offer great value. Or any value at all. In fact, part of finding a true, value-adding expert is spending the time and effort to select the right person in the first place.

But when you do, the results can be breathtaking.

The greatest leaders stand on the shoulders of other giants.

They seek the best, harness their knowledge and build momentum and power that is unstoppable.

Experts allow us all to access the best minds possible. It takes quality to the next level.

Great leaders use the best experts.

It prevents mistakes

Nowadays, there seems to be this universal myth that great leaders have the ability to do everything.

That strategy, marketing, sales, product, IT, management and deep business knowledge is all well understood by the best leaders in business.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Some of the best known CEO’s in the world don’t know USB from URL.

Trust me I work for them!

But what they do differently – which most leaders don’t – is to seek out the best and trust them.

The best strategy consultancies. The best technology providers. The best distribution partners. And of course, the best recruiter :)

By working with experts, not only do they get to work with people who are leaders in their field, but also make sure they are double-checking their ideas and actions with the best in the business.

Which prevents mistakes and makes sure you’re on the right path.

Great leaders limit the downside.


No-one can master everything.

Yet in today’s ever competitive world you do need the best tools available.

Which can only be done by using experts.

Hiring managers can gain much from those people who master what they know, but also who know when to seek the help of an expert.

What’s your expertise?

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