Why Great Leaders Trust The Universe


By Jas Singh

Recently one of my best clients, and more importantly a good friend, had a major health set-back.

An executive at a well known NYSE company, the last two years have been very tough. At one point, doctors has major concerns about his life.

After several months of endless medication, examinations and health regimes, he was recommended to attend a weekend seminar on spirituality by a highly regarded thought leader.

To quote him, it totally changed his life.

The core of what he learned, was that in order to live a balanced and healthy life, it’s essential to not to try and control every single thought personally.

The human mind has between 60,000-100,000 different thoughts a day – and his previous “success” had been due to trying to question, prioritize and act on as many thoughts as possible. Believing that heavy analytical thinking was the key to success.

He’s now learned, that in order to be truly successful, you have to let go.

Go with the flow. To trust the universe that everything will be OK.

He’s been back in his job now for the last six months. And his health is improving every single day.

Leadership is based on faith.

And faith is the knowledge that despite the ups and downs, you just have to trust everything will eventually be OK.

Here are some reasons why great leaders trust the universe.

It prevents brain-chatter

Does your brain start chattering and seemingly never stop? Do you feel overwhelmed and unable to focus? Do you consistently look at every angle and often contradict yourself?

All these symptoms are the result of over-thinking. And we tend to over-think when we feel isolates and pressured in making first time decisions. When we don’t want to make mistakes.

However, the greatest leaders of all time have always realized that the truth is already out there. Whether you call this power god, science or infinite intelligence – none of us create the truth; we merely discover it.

In order to be successful in life we have to let go and trust there is a higher power than all of us that already has all the answers.

Great leaders never over-think.

It increases action

Understanding that the truth already exists increases decisiveness.

And decisiveness is the fuel for action.

In ten years as a hiring specialist I can say with the greatest of confidence that the major reason why most people never achieve their dreams in life, is that they never take the first step.

Setting up that first business. Moving to your dream country. Changing careers. Most people’s dreams remain as aspirations in one’s head rather than concrete actions that start moving towards a goal.

Great leaders are decisive.

They act now.

It feels great

Understanding that we don’t have to entirely rely on our individual minds to succeed is incredibly relieving. It’s like a huge weight of our soldiers. It feels great.

Understanding that their is a higher power that guides us all, connects us with our spiritual side. We become more aware to ideas and signals. We start to listen to our gut instincts. We start to believe that everything is going to be OK and worry less about the possibility of mistakes, surprises or even failure.

And funnily enough, this relaxed and free approach is actually attractive to those around us. We all know people who consistently take risk, suffer set-backs or push the barriers but always seem chilled because they trust everything is going to be OK. Wouldn’t it be great if we could all feel like that?

The universe has been around for a long time.

Creations of galaxies, nurturing of life, countless extinctions.

You have to trust it’s dealt with bigger things than next months share price.


Achievement is never a creation.

It’s a discovery.

Great leaders understand that the truth already exists and have faith in a power greater than just themselves.

Hiring managers can gain much from those people who work hard, believe in themselves, but who also simply trust that things will eventually work out.

Do you trust the universe?

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