Why Great Leaders Make Time For Silence


By Jas Singh

Right now, I’m in the process of interviewing several high profile CEO’s to examine their approach to leadership and hiring.

It’s amazing to find out more about their attitudes towards leadership and their daily routines.

Surprisingly, I’ve found that most of the CEO’s I have spoken with so far have one regular activity that they make time for each day.


Yes, I’ve been amazed to discover that making time for total silence is an activity that most successful leaders believe is a must.

Whether it is first thing in the morning, last thing at night or even throughout their hectic working day, successful people make time for silence.

Here are some reasons why great leaders make time for silence.

It is therapeutic

Silence, especially when also combined with darkness, is a powerful therapeutic agency.

Its where the term “silence is golden” comes from.

During our increasingly hectic lives, our brains and bodies have never been as stimulated as much as they are today. And like all overworked appliances – in order to prevent breakdown we have to ensure we are making sure we apply the magic ingredient:


Silence is like recharging your phone – your body and mind need to recharge too.

And the less the external stimulation (ideally total silence and total darkness), the better you will feel re-energized.

In fact studies have even shown that silence can even reduce blood pressure, anxiety and stress.

Great leaders bathe in silence to stay healthy and full of energy.

It stimulates creativity

Silence and creativity are perfect partners.

As any great writer, artist, inventor or entrepreneur will testify, inspiration usually blossoms out of silence.

This fascinating article published in the Huffington Post by Dr. Bruce Davis Ph.D. gives an expert account of exactly what role silence plays throughout the creativity process. As Dr. Davis explains, silence is not a mere background – it is a place where our minds are more relaxed and less distracted. In this environment we are more inclined to notice and act on the small hunches in our subconscious mind that are often the first steps to new discoveries.

Silence can truly lead to inspiration that can lead to massive achievement.

Great leaders understand that silence isn’t just golden for our health.

Silence can also be golden for our bank balances.

It increases spirituality

Most of us are driven by social acceptance.

Often, our hearts would lead us to do something totally different, but what prevents us is the fear of judgement or criticism.

Silence allows us to get away. To forget about the distractions of what others have to say. To meditate, dream and be at one with nature.

To be free.

It’s in this spiritual retreat that we develop faith. Where we can begin to believe that our dreams could one day perhaps become reality.

Whether it’s dreaming of setting up that new company, pursuing that passion or marrying the girl of your dreams, silence allows us to connect with our spiritual side.

Great leaders use silence to develop faith.


If it wasn’t for the trains, cars and machinery the world would be a much quieter place.

Silence is a natural part of our existence – and like most things mother nature has made, there’s usually a good reason for it.

Hiring managers can gain much from those people who understand the importance of silence and who use it regularly to bathe their minds for success.

When do you enjoy silence?

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