Why Great Leaders Invest In People


By Jas Singh

Let’s be totally honest. Most of us wouldn’t mind being rich.

Yeah sure, we all know money isn’t everything and that we’d rather follow our passion, but at the end of day we could all do with more of the green stuff.

In ten years as a hiring specialist, I can tell you with confidence that most people wouldn’t say no to more money.

But as any “money mastery” seminar will tell you (buzz words these days), the route to becoming financially independent is rarely through trying to work harder at work. No, to become seriously rich – and more importantly writing out numbers in essays remain seriously rich you have to master another skill.


What is investing?

Quite simply, investing is to devote one’s money, energy, time or effort with the expectation of a worthwhile result. In other words to get an output greater than your input.

Most people associate investing as something done by the elite few – high rollers who meet once a month in Monaco to cut multi-million deals on their yachts. I’m sure these people do exist. Those “in the know” who invest in things like real estate, stocks, funds and gold.

But guess what there’s an asset class that put’s all these investments to shame.

Something with an unlimited yield. Something that’s recession proof.

And best of all, something that requires no multi-million bank account and that we can all invest in regardless of our age, race or financial situation. Just our time, effort and genuine intention to help.

That’s right, the best investment any of us can make is in other people.

Here are some reasons why great leaders invest in people.

No hidden costs

The reason why over 98% population fails to invest is due to one thing and one thing only.


And with the recent shambles in the financial crisis, who can blame them? At the end of the day unless for a small group of people, most general investment firms have the same process: give us your money and trust that we’ll make it grow. But what they fail to mention are the management fees.

Investing in people is trying to help them grow and improve. It is a two-way process; leaders try to empower and guide their followers who in return work hard to ensure the company succeeds.

This close contact we develop with colleagues in the workplace often builds relationships and connections that are invaluable. It’s something all of us can directly control and benefit from.

Investing and building trust with their team members is something that only the very best leaders do, and it’s something that’s unique to each leader and impossible to replicate.

Great leaders realise the value of their team is the value of who they are.

Unlimited growth

In ten years as a hiring specialist, I’ve noticed that the companies who achieve massive growth – the truly explosive type of growth that every CEO and entrepreneur dreams of – have one common trait.

Nearly always, it’s because they have a management team that has experience of doing it before. Usually doing it before several times. Whether it is winning sales for a software company, gaining brand loyalty for a new candy bar or a new app trying to get to ten million users. The companies that taken advantage of market opportunity quickest have experienced people driving the action plan.

It’s why companies such as Google, Facebook and Instagram – although more famous for their young entrepreneur founders – usually hire experienced executives to manage key areas of the business.

For a leader, having the network of people to manage a diverse set of business challenges is an incredibly powerful tool. This takes time – usually decades – but those leaders who have taken the time in their careers to invest in other people have a huge advantage over others.

Investing in others has no limit when it comes to returns – the more you help others grow, the more they will come back and help you. It’s human nature to reciprocate and one of the best laws in nature.

Great leaders are continuously investing in others.

Creates wealth for others

As social creatures, we have a deep rooted desire to give.

To help others, to make other people’s lives better.

One of the most enlightening and great things I have discovered through meeting so many people in my career so far is how charitable us humans are. Sure, there’s plenty of bad press and news to read each day but most of us are incredibly nice beings. A large percentage of the people I meet daily – all express how at some point they intend to stop working “for money” and do something more charitable – such as volunteer work or working for a non-profit organisation.

Often, this is totally opposite to our typical work-day lives – office politics, cut-throat management and “win at all costs” pressure.

But great leaders are different. They don’t compromise on ethics and intentions even when it comes to business. They exist purely to help others. That’s what leadership is. The best part of investing in others is not the return they get – but the satisfaction of seeing others grow and succeed.

You see the ironic thing about investing in others?

You get the best results when you don’t even care about the return.


Investing is a habit.

The more regularly you do it, the more successful you will be.

And the best habit of all is investing in other people.

Hiring managers can gain much from those people who take a genuine interest in helping others grow. The results and returns are much more than any new round of funding.

Who would you invest in?

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