Why Great Leaders Aren’t Afraid To Start Again


By Jas Singh

In ten years as a recruiter working with over 13,000 different people I’ve noticed something interesting.

Nearly everyone I work with doesn’t want to do the same thing forever. Life is all about experiencing as much as possible and throughout their career people develop skills and experiences that  they rightfully believe they can apply in different ways.

New industries. New areas of business. Maybe even new countries and cultures.

Yet despite this desire, most people remain doing similar jobs forever.


Because most people are simply not willing to start again.

Whether its wanting to maintain the same salary level, job security or wanting to keep well earned titles, most people see starting again as too risky.

But great leaders are different. Throughout history, the greatest social, business and even religious leaders have consistently demonstrated a willingness to start all over again from the bottom if it is the right thing to do.

Here are some reasons why great leaders are never afraid to start all over again.

They don’t believe in self-preservation

When we are young, we are often fearless.

With our whole lives in front of us, we are never afraid to take risks, change direction quickly or pursue our dreams in the moment.

We feel we have nothing to lose.

But as we get older, we tend to become more protective of what we have rather than what we can potentially gain. It’s almost as if we believe that our entire careers and lives to this point entitle us to a particular salary level, title or responsibility level.

We feel we have more to lose. Self-preservation becomes more important than the desire to grow.

Great leaders understand that although it is important to the weigh up the pros and cons, the minute we tend to become over protective we start to die. Life is about growth and and even in the most highest level positions, great leaders never forget what made them successful in the first place.

Great leaders are more focused on looking forward than worrying about what they have to lose.

They have faith they can accelerate quickly

A winner has a 100% belief he or she can reach the top.

And is prepared to stake everything on this belief.

If you truly believe in your skills, ability and attitude then you will be confident you will be able to accelerate quicker than most if you do take the path that involves starting again.

Despite what reasoning says. In fact often, reasoning is the enemy of faith.

Logically, moving to a new industry, changing career direction or starting a business will always be considered the wrong thing to do in most situations.

That’s why most people don’t take these tough decisions.

Great leaders use faith to overcome doubts and fear. By applying faith, starting all over again is much easier to do.

They realize success lasts outside your comfort zone

As we’ve discussed in past posts, by pushing outside our comfort zones we can actually achieve more.

When we are in a state of comfort, we are in the emotional state known as “Corley Syndrome”. It’s where we experience least amount of stress and anxiety which is why we enjoy it here and are keen to stay in this state.

However back in 1908, two Canadian scientists proved that in order to maximize performance we need a state called relative anxiety – a space where our stress levels are slightly higher than normal. Since then, hundreds have studies have proven that this state of relative anxiety makes us more productive, more creative, more able to deal with change and more easier for us to push our boundaries in the future.

Great leaders understand that if starting again from the bottom in some areas pushes outside our comfort zone, then it can actually be a good thing to do.

It’s why serial entrepreneurs often go into totally new industries with no knowledge of the sector – they realize it will force them to improve and grow.

Great leaders consistently step outside their comfort zones.


To grow in life, sometimes it means giving up what you already have.

Which can mean starting all over again.

Hiring managers can gain much from those people who are never afraid to start again if it is the right thing to do.

If you came across your dream opportunity, would you be prepared to start again?

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