Why Great Leaders Always Close The Loop


In a world of increasing choice it’s never been more important to be more efficient.

Longer buying times. Greater indecision. Work, life and even pleasure in a constant state of flux.

People who capture our valuable attention and simply leave us hanging are the worst culprits of all.

Most of us are experienced enough to know that not every opportunity or possibility results in success first time around. Not every business opportunity, request to connect or sales process ends with an immediate win.

We just want to know where we stand.

Even if it’s a no.

There is no excuse to never update others and close the loop – even if it’s to say that you can’t help this time around. Yet, we’ve all experienced countless situations where we invested time, effort and even money only to never hear back from others again.

Yet great leaders are different. In ten years as a recruiter I can say with confidence that even the most successful, well known and busiest of people always make sure they close the loop – even if it’s mostly to say they can’t help this time around.

Here are some reasons why great leaders always close the loop.

It shows decisiveness 

In the job market, I always say there is something worse than being told a “no” by a possible employer

And that’s not being given any feedback at all.

Unfortunately as many people will have experienced, it happens very often.

As highly cognitive creatures, we all crave decisiveness. Knowing where we stand. It allows us to prepare, plan and move on with our lives. Great leaders understand that if things go stale and there is no possibility to progress it is better to close the loop then keep others waiting indefinitely.

Not only does it allow others to move on, it also shows decisiveness on behalf of the leader. A quality that is essential to lead others successfully.

Great leaders decide.

It allows re-connection later

There is perhaps no faster to way to alienate another person than to waste their time.

Leaving another person abandoned in the wilderness with no update or response always comes to bite you back.

Not only does this approach destroy reputation quickly, it also prevents the opportunity to re-connect with others when the timing might be better. In fact at least 25% of the candidate placements we make each year are often well after the initial introduction – when companies and candidates re-connect at a later time when there is a better fit. It’s all dependent on closing the loop first time around with professionalism and transparency.

Great leaders understand that how you put things down things determines how you can pick them up.

It stands out

The best sales person I have ever met in ten years is a lady who sells software to banks. In the last 8 years she has consistently earned over a million dollars each year.

She is meticulous. Often, many new inquiring prospects don’t have the budget or requirements for her companies solution. Even then, she spends time with them to let them down gently, explain why she can’t help and sometimes even suggest alternatives.

She closes the loop even when others don’t expect it.

It’s not surprising that they often come back later desperate to work with her.

Great leaders understand that amidst the noisy and fragmented world we live in, those who create closure stand out. It illustrates professionalism, respect and a connects with us on an emotional level.

We all want to work with people like that.

Great leaders stand out.


We all start so many new things each week.

Yet often finish very little.

Hiring managers can gain much from those people who try their best to help whenever possible, but also know the importance of closing the loop when dealing with others.

Are you waiting for anyone to close the loop?

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