How to use Social Media to Increase your Hiring Power!


ghostKim Kardashian did what?

Social Media is buzzing. Sometimes, one can feel it’s buzzing around a little too much and quite simply distracting our workforce from what they are supposed to be doing.

We appreciate the need to embrace this ever growing phenomenon, but how can we make it productive? How can it work in our favour? And most importantly, where do we start?

Let’s break it down.

Exactly what is Social Media?

postDid you know that social media includes not only social networking and blogging sites, but also bookmarking websites (such as Pinterest), RSS readers (stay with us…!) and any form of content sharing?

Social media – any form of content sharing. Got it.

So how do we untangle these threads of content sharing and weave the most perfect web to catch those hard to get candidates? (Cue, evil cackle).

Let’s take a look at what social tools/websites you can use to help increase your hiring prowess.


birdyMany people are unsure about this platform. You create an account, fantastic. Now what? Do I tweet? Do I wait to be tweeted at? Who can see me? How do I connect with people without looking desperate/lonely?!

Take a deep breath. It’s a really friendly place where people are happy to share. Happy to share your recruiting messages, happy to share how amazingly well your company is performing, and happy to tweet at you to find out about that job opportunity you have just tweeted. Like, 30 seconds ago. Amazing!

You can use Twitter to find out about the latest news and just observe what’s going on.

So, asides from Kim Kardashian, you may want to stay posted about what your competition is doing/tweeting. What that hard-to-pin-down candidate is thinking. What the public are thinking about YOU. Because guess what? Without this knowledge, you won’t get very far when it comes to selling your strengths (or objection handing any perceived weaknesses) to your potential hires.

If there’s a specific person you’re about to interview, why not try to find them on Twitter? Find out what their interests are, who they engage with etc. So by the time you meet them, you have a much better understanding of them thus making the conversation easier and building more meaningful rapport. Great candidates remember that sort of thing.

LinkedIn Groups

linkedinLinkedIn Groups have been around for a very long time, but people are a bit unsure about how to get the most out of them. Tip number one. Don’t sell your services straight away. It’s a turn off and people will disengage with you immediately. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Here are three simple steps to get the most out of a LinkedIn Group.

  • Step 1) Join a relevant group and listen to the conversations that are going on. You may find some opportunities to engage with people and just have a general chat about the topic in hand.
  • Step 2) Get involved with the group.

It’s not nice if you turn up to a party and tell everyone to go to the next party across town straight away. Speak to the people there, check out the vibe and have a boogie to warm them up. What we mean to say is, when you’ve commented on discussions and added your advice/free tips into the mix, people will start to remember you and will be more likely to hear from you if you did then want to pitch to a certain person.

  • Step 3) Find the right opportunity to ask your question.

This is your chance to ask those few selected people to come to your party. Send the specific person you’d like to talk to an inbox message and mention the group you both have in common. This should help you make a connection with a potential candidate or target client, without being too pushy.

So remember, join relevant groups, get involved and find the right time to ask your question.

Real Simple Syndication (aka RSS feed)

rssHave you heard about this tool? Think of it as an Internet inbox, where you will get all the latest news, articles and reports in once place. This is a great way to find out about what’s going on, on your industry/competitor websites, without having to Google them or trawl through the irrelevant content – because let’s face it, we’re busy people and sometimes we just need to get the info we need and leave.

There are many RSS feed readers available on the market, but the one we find works quite well is If you have a Gmail account, it’s really simple to sign up (or if you don’t, it’s really quick to create one!) Once you’ve logged in, simply search for your particular industry or copy and paste in the website which you would like to ‘subscribe’ to, and within minutes you’ll have all of the information you need in one place! Pretty cool, huh?


Social media is big but not necessarily that scary.

Simply embracing a few tools could really make a big difference to maximise the reach of your candidate search.

So give it a go. Dip your toes into the social media pool and join the party.

Do you have any social practices that you use to maximise your candidate search?

We hope you found this useful.