How Your Job Search is Like Having a Baby


Finding a new job is not an easy process. You make the brave decision to make a life change and there are several stages and obstacles you will have to overcome.

One can even compare this process to having a baby. Come on, think about it! Let us humour you…

You find out you are pregnant (decide to move jobs). In this first stage there is a lot of excitement and plans get made, you have a positive vision of where you want to be, you feel this will be the beginning of something good.

Then come the latter stages of pregnancy (interviewing/rejections/starting again), a much harder and slower slog with plenty of ups and downs. Here, the gift of endurance is needed. During this stage all you really want to do is put your feet up, pause for while, and wait for something to come to you. You have used a lot of energy during this stage and are starting to turn to self preservation.

But, if you get through the second stage (get a hot job offer) you hit the final stage! This can be scary but exciting at the same time. You are likely to have an uncomfortable but short departure from your current employer (ouch) and present yourself in all of your vulnerable glory to a new employer who will take care of you. Ahhh…..


This guide is going to talk you through the latter stages of ‘pregnancy’ – the hardest and most energy consuming part of the job search, the endurance part when you are going through the cycle of interviewing, getting feedback and going back to the drawing room. All of this is likely to happen whilst your current employer is probably putting the pressure on, blissfully unaware that you are looking to leave.

Your inclination after interviewing unsuccessfully at a few companies may be to press pause, wait until things are a little less busy, lick your wounds and try again once the pressure is off. Guess what? The world waits for no-one. Your dream job could be getting snapped up whilst you have been getting side-tracked…

Remember these points before you crack open that bottle of fizz(y) pop….(we do not condone drinking whilst pregnant).

1) Fall seven times, stand up eight.

baby steps with the help of his father. white background

Remember guys, the people that get the best jobs out there are not the ‘lucky’ ones. They are the ones that know how to focus on their end goal and keep going until they get there.

Moving jobs or having a baby are not decisions to be taken lightly. They require complete commitment and a trust that everything that happens in the middle is all part of the journey. Unless you have reached your end goal, do everything in your power to stick at it.

The best opportunities usually present themselves when you least expect it. Like that after work networking event you were thinking of ducking out of; it might just be the place you get chatting to your future employer.

2) ‘Either you run the day, or the day runs you’ Jim Rohn

We have all experienced or said the phrase ‘there is not enough time in the day’. This can feel very true if you have a full time job, family commitments and need to fit in a work-out to try and keep your cholesterol in check. Job applications can seem like a distant priority.

We are not suggesting you compromise on your health or family, but try to think outside the box. Can any of your ‘to-do’ tasks be delegated? Obviously the work-out has to be done by yourself, but can you get a helping hand with the family tasks? A nanny/cleaner/favour from your mum to look after the kids whilst you research and prepare for that interview presentation you have.

Managing your time better and learning to delegate where possible will give you a helping hand to stay on track with your job search.

3) Keep in mind why you wanted to move jobs in the first place

Nobody achieved great things without a struggle.

When you are feeling down ,think about your own reasons why you wanted to change jobs in the first place. Trust in your worth and write down these reasons. Write them on post-it notes and put them up in places for you to see regularly. Sounds crazy, but doing this will remind you of where you want to be. You need to stay inspired throughout the process.

It can be easy to lose your way. Doing something simple like this can help you to keep the faith and motivate you to try that one more application when you feel like you just can’t compete with those other job seekers.


The process of finding a new job can often be time consuming, stressful and uncertain.

You will be required to put a lot of energy into the process and sometimes get no results.

The key to being successful is perseverance.

By overcoming obstacles such as rejection, conflicting priorities and personal motivation, you will be sure to reach your end goal of job satisfaction within a new organisation.

Having a baby is never easy, but the final result is really worth every ache and pain. Apply these principles to your job search and you will be successful.

What stage of the job search are you in?

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