How To Become More Memorable


by Jas Singh, Iopa Solutions

Everyone in this world has something to give. Often, we just need people to give us that first chance or believe in us. However in this increasingly cluttered world, it’s hard to stand out. All of us are victims to the neverending “noise” of communication and information. In this state everything looks like the same – one big blur.

This is very true of hiring managers. Candidates are being bombarded with new job opportunities all the time, so in order to attract the very best you have to stand out. You have to become more memorable.

Here are a few things that all of us can do to become more memorable:



1) Emphasize your differences

Humans love conforming to societies expectations. Over centuries we became programmed to believe that we have to “fit in”. That’s great when you need to make sure you’re not the one being nominated for hunting, but in the business world our needs are somewhat different. The more you stand out the more you will be recognised.

Top performers embrace themselves for who they are and emphasize their differences. Even a single difference, emphasized in the right way can make you memorable. From Sir Richard Branson’s continuous risk-taking to Kim Kardashian’s butt, the bigger the difference the stronger the memory. (No offence Kim…).




2) Be Consistent

However, your identity needs to be consistent. Once you have emphasized your difference you need to be consistent to become imprinted in another persons memory – which requires discipline.

It’s easy for hiring managers to suddenly change their attitude because of circumstances that may come up. If I’ve been unsuccessful being transparent, do I suddenly act more formal in interviews? In order to beat my competitors do I wine-and-dine the candidate when it’s not my style?

Repetition of thought equals remembering. If people do not associate you with consistent behaviours and actions you will not be memorable.



3) Look Great

Ever wondered why the Coca-Cola font is so crystal clear and sharp, or why so many corporate offices are always immaculate? We remember beauty.

Us humans are one of the few species that appreciate beauty and things we actually find attractive actually trigger our neurones to release chemicals which makes us feel good. Which makes us remember more.

So to be more memorable look great. Wear you nicest clothes. Be well groomed. Perhaps even wear an eye catching (but appropriate) color so you will be remembered?



4) Inject emotion into everything you do

Despite what we think, humans are far from rational. We are emotional creatures and are driven by our feelings – the more powerful the feeling the stronger the memory.

Ever had a childhood memory that really stands out? I have this distinct memory of when I was 5 years old in my school playground. On paper – it wasn’t anything special – just a normal day at school, around 3pm just after “milk time”. But I remember thinking it was such a perfect day – blue sky, perfect sun, all my friends playing and having fun. Life felt great. It was not the environment that caused me to remember that to this day – it was the way I felt.

We can all make others feel great. Be passionate. Be enthusastic. Even be excited. One of the most powerful emotions of all is humour. In fact did you know that even scientific studies have proved that we remember funny things and people far more often? (Time for me to perhaps buy a new joke book…)



5. Stay in touch

Relationships take time to build. And memories take time to imprint. Just like it takes a student several attempts to memorize information before an exam, people often need to think of you several times before you are at the forefront of their minds.

In fact, spaced repetition is actually a technique that has been understood by psychologists for several years now. Essentially, it proves that often shorter intervals are required initially between repetitions for something to become memorable and once that is the case then effectiveness increases with longer intervals.

In other words if you want to become memorable with new people contact them very regularly to start with. Once you have built a relationship then stay in touch with them regularly. That’s why you’ll find more regular commercials on TV advertising newer products, whilst the more established brands are often content with the less regular but normally longer air-time.




Competition is increasing in virtually ever area of life. The people we wish to associate ourselves with all have unlimited choice and are continously being approached.

In order to succeed in hiring the best candidates, hiring managers need to stand out from the crowd and be memorable.

What are you doing to become more memorable?


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