How to assess someone’s loyalty


Loyalty has always been of importance to us hiring managers. We all want to invest in people who will stick by us. In an interview process where time is limited, assessing for loyalty can be difficult. The following questions can help.

1) “How do you find working for your current employer?”

Loyal employees never criticise their current employer. The more negative they are, the less their loyalty factor. This is not to say they think everything is perfect – they may in fact be seriously discontent with their current employer but will never easily disclose this in a first interview.

follow url 2) “Would you consider doing the same role for a direct competitor?”

Loyal employees will always be hesitant about joining a direct competitor in the same role. They realise the impact this can have on their current employer and management as well as clients the company may serve. Unless there is a seriously good reason (more responsibility, career advancement etc but NOT more money), people who are eager to “move across” should be considered carefully.

3) “Do you prefer working individually or as part of a team?”

Loyal people are usually team players. Their loyalty is infectious and encourages others to trust them and collaborate with them.

4) “Tell me about some of the problems you have had in your past roles? How have you dealt with them?”

Loyal people ride the hard times and have the battle scars to show it. They have numerous stories of dealing with tough market conditions, lack of funding, overcoming mistakes etc. These show commitment and are a strong asset to any manager.

5) “What does your current company do?”

Loyal employees are totally committed to their current company’s success and cause. They should always answer this question with clarity and enthusiasm.

6) “How will your current employer react if you leave?”

Loyal people are always missed. Loyal employees are keen to handover properly and honour their notice periods if necessary. Always be wary of those candidates who say they won’t be missed.

7) “Who are your references?”

Loyal people always have a large number of people willing to give them a reference. In particular they always have strong relationships with those who have managed them directly.

8) “Are you 100% looking to move right now?”

Loyal employees do not just shop around. Once they have made up their mind they are going to change jobs they always will. They are always fair to their current employer as well as any potential new employer.

Just one other important point. Loyalty should not be confused with Laziness or lack of ambition. Just because someone has been working at the same company for 10 years doesn’t necessarily make them loyal. I am sure we all know the 20 year serving veteran who is sits in his office all day moaning…:)

Jas Singh

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