How Leaders Condition Their Minds Each Day


By Jas Singh

Outstanding leadership starts within.

In ten years as a hiring specialist I’ve been lucky enough to work with some highly successful leaders. And one thing I’ve noticed is that these people don’t leave success to chance. They literally have a system that conditions their bodies and more importantly minds for success each day.

You see great leaders understand that the most important thing they possess is not their money, education or authority.

It’s the right state of mind.

We’ve all had moments in life when we felt unstoppable. When everything seemed easy and we felt we could conquer the world. When we plowed through obstacles and challenges like they didn’t exist.

The problem is, for most of us this doesn’t last long. And as most of us know, how we feel generally determines what we do, who we become and our entire quality of life.

But great leaders are different. They realize that having the right state of mind is essential so they condition themselves for success each day. It’s sometimes even more important than the work itself. A bit like an athlete having a warm up before the big race.

With the right tools and strategies, just five minutes a day can change the entire quality of our life.

Here are some ways how great leaders condition their minds for success each day.

They use affirmations

The power of self-suggestion has been known for centuries and is the basis of many major forms of religious texts. Yet it is amazing that despite nowadays even scientific studies proving that affirmations work in various fields of life, that so few people use them on a daily basis.

An affirmation is simply repeating to yourself something over and over again – ideally something positive that you wish to achieve. After a while, this conscious repetition is picked up by the subconscious mind and causes us to become more motivated to take action towards our goals.

So why does it not work for so many people? Why are most people non-believers and think it is some sort of wishy-washy ideology followed by dreamers?

Because affirmations only work if they are mixed with one magic ingredient.


Great leaders understand that by repeating affirmations with intense emotion they can ensure they are ready to go at the start of each day.

They move and shake

The benefits of exercise on improving emotional state and reducing stress is now well documented.

Put simply our physiological and emotional systems are linked. If we feel down, we look down. But conversely, if we move with energy we will have more energy.

In my experience, great leaders usually exercise first thing in the morning. In many cases before they literally do anything at all (I know of at least two business leaders who actually go to bed with some of their running equipment on!).

It’s because they realize that by moving first thing they get the benefits of an improved emotional state for the whole day. They maximize their returns for the investment made.

Come rain, wind, snow or lightening, nothing will stop them working out to get into the best state possible.

Move. Shake. Even wiggle.

Whatever you do – it will improve how you feel.

They seek inspiration

So you’ve conditioned your mind through affirmations. You’ve conditioned it further through exercise. Anything else you can do to feel even more terrific?

Get the edge by seeking one more thing as part of your daily routine.


Whether it is reading a book, hearing that special song or watching that amazing video clip, inspiration is often the ingredient that motivates us just that little bit more. It causes us to push our limits. Step outside our comfort zones. Make us believe this is going to be the greatest day of our lives.

And with that attitude, whose going to be able to stop you?

Great leaders seek inspiration whenever possible to get that extra one to two percent that makes the difference.


We eat, sleep and shower every day. Because we believe we have to.

Conditioning our minds is no less important – perhaps even more so.

It takes five minutes, costs nothing (other than our commitment) and will change our lives.

Hiring managers can gain much from those people who treat their minds like treasure and have a system for conditioning it every day.

Will you condition your mind?

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