How Great Leadership Lives Forever


By Jas Singh

Leaders are often most needed when times are tough.

When their people need them most. Sometimes even during times of emergency.

Yet ironically the symbol of greatest leadership is often not how leaders are remembered in the here and now. It’s also how the power of their leadership is remembered once they are gone.

The greatest leaders of all time are remembered forever – their legend passed from generation to generation.

Here are some reasons how great leadership lives forever.

If leadership helps others

Legacies are not created by annual profit figures or industry awards. They can only be created by other people.

Reputations and legends are only passed on if they live in the hearts of others.

And the only way to genuinely connect with others is if leaders truly put others first.

If their primary purpose is to help others. People appreciate and remember those first and foremost who have their best interests at heart.

In some areas of life (such as business) this trait can be so hard to find that these rare people become ingrained in our minds.

We remember most those who help us.

If leadership overcomes adversity

Looking back over history, the most successful and remembered leaders of all time are those who have overcome extreme adversity. In religion, politics and society the greatest leaders stand up when their people need them most.

Great leadership often means taking personal risk for others. Sometimes even sacrifice.

The greatest leaders are not those who move from one safe position to another. It’s those who continuously are willing to put themselves on the line even if it means helping just one more person.

It shows bravery. And as social creatures, we admire and appreciate those who are brave.

We are thankful for those who have given us the opportunities we have today.

Who’ve paved the way for us.

If leadership changes the world

Great leaders are those who inspire us.

Those who made the impossible possible. Those who made the doubters believe. Those who pushed the boundaries and re-defined industries, organisations and even civilisations.

All of us have dreams. But few of us act on them to make them reality.

Great leaders realise by pushing the boundaries of existing limitations they set a great example not only to those in their immediate organizations but also those much further afield.

Regardless of our different backgrounds and motives, those who reach new heights in their individual fields are role models to us all. We can all learn from them. We can all be inspired by them.

Those who change the world for the better will always be remembered.


Leaders have a unique opportunity.

Not only to serve others, but also teach us lessons and principles that can be remembered for generations come.

Great leaders may not live forever. But their great leadership does.

Whose leadership do you remember?

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