How Great Leaders Use Negative Energy


By Jas Singh

We often believe those in positions of leadership have it all.

Respect, fame, freedom, money.

We aspire to be liked them. We associate their success with bundles of positive energy and an immaculate control of their emotions and state. That their inspiration and motivation comes from beautiful visions and consistent positive energy.

Yet often this is not the case.

In fact, many of the most successful people I have worked with were originally driven to success not by the desire for pleasure, but by the pain of the past.

The loss of love, social rejection or extreme poverty.

However what made these people into leaders was how they dealt with these negative experiences. How they used this negative energy in a positive way.

You see for most of us, negative energy leads to a negative outlook, resulting in more pain.

However leaders understand that negative energy can also be used for motivation.

Here are some ways how leaders use negative energy to achieve success.

They understand negative emotions serve a purpose

Emotional control begins with awareness.

Although often difficult to believe in the moment, even negative emotions serve a purpose. It’s natures way of telling us there is something wrong, something to beware of, something that needs changing.

Fear is a deep rooted survival instinct. Insecurity means we usually need to build our self belief. Painful loss highlights what is really important in life and brings perspective.

Great leaders understand even negative energy serves a purpose. They respect it’s presence and figure out what it’s trying to tell us. And then use it for a constructive purpose.

Great leaders respect, understand and use all emotions constructively.

They keep active

Negative events often causes stress and worry.

It’s easy to keep replaying the same concerns over and over again in our head.

Trying to figure out what is going to happen next. Regretting past events. Worrying over things that can either never be changed or be predicted in the future.

In ten years working with over 30,000 different people I’ve noticed that there’s only one remedy for worry.


A mind that is heavily occupied with today, rarely has time to stress about the past or future.

The best way to deal with negative energy is to totally get engrossed with a mission. To transmute the pain, fear or disappointment into a worthwhile cause.

To convert negative energy into positive fuel for action.

Great leaders counter worry by staying active.

They reflect and learn

The beauty of time is that it builds wisdom.

We all struggle to deal with disappointing events and negative energy initially. Yet at the same time, dealing with major setbacks and using negative emotions constructively also develops essential belief to know we can effectively deal with whatever life throws at us.

To know next time around, how to use negative energy more effectively.

One of the best entrepreneurs I know, regularly suffers from anxiety attacks – for no apparent reason.

When he first did so over 20 years ago, he took a break in the South of France for 3 weeks.

During this time of relaxation, he reflected and developed his first great business idea. Now whenever he suffers from anxiety attacks he sees it as an opportunity to get away and think. T brainstorm. To create.

He’s developed a system for converting this negative energy to a worthwhile cause.

Great leaders convert negative energy to positive through practice.


Great leaders don’t feel negative energy any less.

They’ve just learned to manage it better.

Hiring managers can gain much from those people who have demonstrated ability to use even times of hardship to learn and grow.

What do you do with negative energy?

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