How Great Leaders Stay Youthful


By Jas Singh

Age is never a factor when it comes to achievement.

We all know stories of teenagers who have become billionaires and also people well past the age of retirement who have gone on to change the world.

But what is essential for achievement is energy. Tons of energy. Great leaders need motivation, passion and determination to succeed in whatever they do.

In ten years as a hiring specialist, one of the hardest things to see is a once successful person develop limiting beliefs because of their age. Commonly, people often seem to think that opportunities will start to diminish as they get older.

But top achievers are different. They don’t late their age control how they feel.

Age isn’t important. But feeling energetic and youthful is.

Here are some ways great leaders stay youthful.

They have fun

As kids we were all free. Our biggest decisions were what to play with, who we fancied most or when to spend our pocket money. Life was simple. And simple is fun.

And then we started to complicate things. Everything became serious.

The pressure of school grades. Big career decisions. Financial pressure.

But great leaders are different. In the midst of all their responsibilities they let their hair down and have fun. Leaders such as Sir Richard Branson and Warren Buffet are just as well known for their fun and mischievous side as their business achievements.

Great leaders keep having fun.

They keep moving

Life is movement. The minute we stop moving we begin to die.

Movement doesn’t just mean physically but all aspects of our lives – continuously trying to learn new things, moving forward with our careers, trying new experiences.

In the developed world, most people’s general aim is to reach a stage of comfort. To never have to work again, never have to deal with stress, never have to be under financial pressure.

It’s almost as if we work and work and work so that one day we don’t have to.

Great leaders never stay still. Despite how well things are going, they keep moving.

They never look too far back or too far forward

Science has proven that worrying ages us. Extreme cases can even be fatal.

Worry is the silent killer of the 21st Century. Although not measurable as blood pressure, sugar levels or weight it’s effects can be far more devastating.

What is worry?

Worry is simply becoming anxious over actual or potential problems.

The funny thing about worry is that it’s mainly due to things that might happen. We’re rarely worried about something right now. It’s usually linked to the past (did I make the wrong decision?) or something to do with the future (what is going to happen?).

Depending on the circumstances, this level of uncertainty can be overwhelming and paralyse us mentally, emotionally and even physically.

Great leaders understand one simple rule of nature.

No one can ever change the past. And no one can ever predict the future.

The only thing we can do is focus on the present.

And give it our very best shot.

Great leaders focus on the present.


We can’t prevent getting older. But we can control how old we feel.

Hiring managers can gain much from those people who live life on their own terms. Who go through life with energy and passion.

Stay young. Stay foolish.  Stay happy :)

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