How Great Leaders Realize How Rich We Already Are


By Jas Singh

In the modern world we all strive for achievement.

Whether it is reaching the top of our companies, earning more money, providing the best for our kids or having a more impressive lawn, most of our days we think continuously about the goals we want to achieve.

Myself included. During the working week it’s all about being the best hiring specialist possible and on evenings and weekends trying to be the best dad.

We all want more. The present is nowhere near enough.

For many, a lack of rapid gain year-on-year even can result in outright depression.

Until an emergency strikes. Or tragedy hits.

Anyone who has been unlucky enough to go through this knows what I mean. (I’d say most of us at some point in our lives). All of a sudden reality comes crashing down. When what we have is nearly taken away for us, all of a sudden we gain perspective.

Our loved ones, our good health, our freedom – we’d give up no amount of achievement or money for this.

Believe it or not, a large proportion of successful leaders I’ve worked with have often experienced extreme hurt – even tragedy – but still remain positive and go on to be great leaders.

They realize that the real riches in life are abundant.

Here are some ways how great leaders remember how rich we all are.

By remembering our relationships

99.99% of people that I have ever worked with (over 30,000 in ten years) rarely do things purely for themselves.

As social creatures, most of what we do is driven by those people we care about most.

Whether it is providing for our children, making our parents proud or even proving a point to our friends and family – if most of us were totally isolated our lives and motives would be very different.

The one thing that no amount of money or achievement will buy is the affection of a loved on. Most of us are lucky enough to have lots of deep and meaningful relationships. But often we take these for granted. Until the very moment they come under threat and their importance comes to the forefront.

Great leaders remember that work is just work. Most of us would give up everything we had in an instant to protect our loved ones.

Great leader feel rich by remembering their loved ones.

By looking at history 

When we look at history, rarely do we remember those who purely achieved financial or career success.

We admire and connect most with those people who stood up for the real riches in life – freedom, innovation, bravery, love. Whether it is in religion, politics or business history proves time and time again that real riches start from within.

Even in our own lives. Despite us working harder and longer in the workplace than ever before, our most fondest memories usually have nothing to do with pure personal success. When we look back at our lives, it’s not the $50,000 bonus or the first class degree that we remember most.

It’s the childhood memories, beautiful imagery and special moments with others.

Great leaders learn from history. They remember how the great leaders of the past have taught us that the best things in life are already in our possession.

By giving to others

My cousin brother suffers from severe autism.

He’s six months younger than me and has had it since birth. By all standards he’s had a pretty hard life and whilst he has seen his brothers and sisters play sport, go to university, get married and have children he’s had to endure a life of hospitals, seizures and endless medication.

In the last five years he’s learned to manage his condition a lot better. Core to this has been that he now volunteers at the local charity once a week helping feed homeless people. It’s given him purpose and he’s happier than I’ve ever seen him. He’s a true inspiration to us all.

As hard as it can be to believe, there is always something to be grateful for. There is always someone who is suffering more. Who craves something we take for granted.

Whether it is having a loving family, being safe, or even having the eyes to read this – there is someone out there who craves what you already have. Who would do anything to be in your shoes.

Great leaders understand that giving truly is the greatest pleasure of all.

Not only do you help another fellow human being, it also makes you realize what riches you already have.


Life is about moving forward. It’s right you want more.

But wanting more and not feeling like you have enough are two very different things.

Hiring managers can gain much for those people who are ambitious and hungry – but also grateful and secure with the riches they already have.

Good luck in claiming the riches you desire.

I’m sure you will get them.

After all, you have the most important riches in life already.

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