How Great Leaders Ooze Energy


By Jas Singh

I’m a self-confessed business geek. I love learning from great leaders and have been lucky enough to spend most of my working life getting the chance to meet them. But like all humans, I do have favourites. Sometimes, I develop an “executive crush” – for some reason I just feel more inspired and attracted to certain people.

Although often, I’ve never really put my finger on why….

I’m often asked what is the single most important aspect to success. It’s a difficult, if not impossible questions to answer. Everyone has a different perspective.

Some say it’s confidence. Other’s believe it’s hard work. For many success is all about decisiveness and seizing opportunity. All of these, unquestionably are essential ingredients to achievement. Success is based on the application of multiple principles.

Yet as humans, we crave simplicity. Rules we can base our lives on. Benchmarks we can continuously assess ourselves against. Triggers we can instantly apply. Sure, confidence/decisiveness/faith/belief/desire are all essential but if we have to consciously apply these each day life becomes overwhelming. Isn’t there a single principle we can apply?

After ten years as a hiring specialist – working with over 30,000 leaders across 50 different countries – I can say that one thing that leaders have over most people is abundant amounts of energy. Or perhaps more accurately, positive energy.

You see, all the above feelings and principles above are just one thing – positive energy. Great leaders understand that positive energy is infectious – it penetrates, themselves, others around them and the customers they serve.

To them everything – objects, feelings, ideas, people, themselves – is energy.

Here are some ways great leaders ooze positive energy.

They focus on their personal state

Ever met someone new and literally felt the energy when they entered the room?

A well publicised example was Bill Clinton. He was famous for his aura and “star power” that everyone who ever met him found magnetizing. As articles like this one in Forbes show, even the most staunchest Republican’s have admitted to being enchanted by his presence.

This is no accident.

Great leaders are constantly aware of the energy they are giving off – also known as their personal state. They realise the importance of it. They work on improving it and controlling it.

Great leaders consciously focus on giving off positive energy.

They build positive habits

We all want to give off great energy. At the most basic level it makes us feel good.

Yet most of us often go in to reverse. We are all guilty of giving out negative vibes. Repelling others. Succumbing to the hardships of daily life.

The energy we give off is a direct reflection of our daily lives. Our habits. Great leaders understand that it’s impossible for both negative and positive emotions to be present at the same time. Try it – it’s impossible to be both laughing and crying, happy and sad, bored and engaged at the same time.

So in order to overcome the inevitable knocks of life, top achievers build a wall of protection. Positive habits to counter any negative energy. To them, their personal energy is sacred – and they protect themselves from letting in negative energy for too long.

It’s why often high profile CEO’s often hit the gym or the golf course when they encounter a highly stressful problem. It’s not to undermine the problem – it’s to make sure they get back into the right frame of mind, the right state, to deal with it.

Our habits control our energy.

They surround themselves with positive people

Study after study has shown that as social beings, we become who we associate ourselves with. Whether it’s beliefs, language or fashion sense, no other being on this planet is as influenced by its own as mankind.

Perhaps nothing is as most infectious as another person’s energy. Even the most strong minded and positively orientated will succumb to the repeated negative influence of others – especially often our loved ones who mean the most to us.

That’s why truly successful people surround themselves by people who are positive. Often others they aspire to be like – even those they consider to be better than them. Again, to them energy is everything and associating themselves with those who will enrich their psychology is essential.

From mentors, to co-workers and friends – great leaders have great associates.


As Einstein once said, “Everything is energy.”

Hiring managers should ensure that aside from just focussing experience, skills and qualifications they hire those who give off positive energy. It will enrich themselves, co-workers, customers – everyone.

Do you want to ooze great energy?

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