How Great Leaders Never Get Bored


By Jas Singh

I’m often asked what is the number one reason why people decide to leave a job.

For a few percentage of people, the reason is financial. For other’s its because they want career advancement. Occasionally they’ve fallen out with management.

Yet by far the biggest reason why people want to make a move, is that they want to be challenged more. Things are going well, but they feel their time is done. They know their jobs inside out but things have become too easy.

They have become bored.

It’s a common trend and everyone experiences it at some point. Going through the motions – just because we have to pay the bills. Constantly checking the clock. The despondent Sunday evening feeling – dreading work the coming week.

Yet top performers are different. The highest achievers are always highly engaged, constantly look forward to their work and ooze enthusiasm for everything they do.

Those who progress to leadership almost never succumb to boredom. Their desire is fuelled by the interest they have in the challenge ahead, their ability to always be full of energy and enthusiasm.

Here are a few ways how great leaders ensure that they never get bored.

They follow their passion from the start

For most of us, we will spend more time in the workplace than anything else we will ever do in our lives. Approximately eight hours a day for forty plus years on average for 5.5 days a week. That’s around 90,000 hours. For many it’s a lot more.

With the best will in the world, unless you are following a career path you are truly passionate about, eventually boredom will kick-in. Initially everything may be great – lot’s to learn, new challenges, new people, the excitement of the unknown.

But novelty wears off. Great leaders understand that making the right decision at the start is perhaps more important than anything you will do in the job to gain job satisfaction.

If you’re in the wrong job, boredom is going to happen.

The funny thing is in, most people I meet who are bored in their current jobs, know exactly what their dream career would like. Whether it’s working in the fashion industry, doing something more creative or setting up their own business they know what they’d rather be doing.

In an ironic way, boredom is actually what causes people to examine what they truly want. Who they are. What are their desires.

Leaders act on these desires. They take care to ensure they don’t waste any time in their precious careers and lives working in jobs that don’t bring them closer to their ultimate goal in life.

Leaders choose jobs wisely.

They never look too far ahead

If you’ve ever been in a dead-end job, ever noticed how you tend to procrastinate? May be become frustrated with the people around you? Find that time tends to drag at the beginning of the day or week – but seems to pick up as the day goes by?

If you think your job today is a reflection of what your entire career will be, boredom can easily kick-in. We all have a fundamental deep rooted desire to grow and if we feel that our actions are not getting us closer to our ultimate goal, we lose motivation quickly. Even worse, often we can even resent our jobs and the people around us.

Leaders never look too far ahead. They realise that working life often exists of unique problems, tasks and responsibilities – that are essential in overcoming the challenges of the moment. They focus on getting the immediate job done – working to pre-determined goals and targets. Today’s day is unique – they do the best they can rather than worrying too much about what tomorrow holds in store.

Leaders concentrate on overcoming the problem at hand.

They realise boredom comes just after comfortable

In today’s culture, we all aspire to be comfortable.

Speak to most people currently in work and the end game is usually the same – make enough money working, so that they don’t have to work.

So we study hard, work hard, even make sacrifices in our personal lives to get comfortable. Getting an easy management job, building a fat pension pot, lots of investment properties on rent.

But there is a problem with comfortable. It’s usually closely followed by boredom.

Leaders understand this and so consistently want to be pushed. They realise success lies outside their comfort zones. They understand that today’s comfortable job is tomorrow’s boring job.

Great leaders never get too comfortable.


Top achievers are obsessed with what they do. Whether they are successful entrepreneurs, workers or artists, they could work all day.

They are never bored.

Hiring managers should ensure they are using the right tools and strategies to select only those who will be engaged in their jobs for the long term.

Do you want to banish boredom?

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