How Great Leaders Handle Indecisive People


By Jas Singh

In ten years as a hiring specialist, I’ve noticed that high achievers have one quality that is difficult to find in most people.


The best performers I have ever worked with know exactly what they want and move instantly when it’s there for the taking. They don’t hesitate. They don’t over-analyze. They just go for it.

Even in hiring, I can say with confidence that the best performing hiring managers are those who move quickly. They leave the time consuming screening process to others – like me – but move quickly to secure the right people.

However, many important decisions we are involved in needs the decision of others.

Whether it is waiting on a client to make a buying decision, a candidate waiting to accept your job offer, or a date deciding whether to meet you for a second time.

Often indecisiveness by others can be difficult to handle. Even outright frustrating.

Our brains crave order. Most of us just want to know where we stand – one way or another.

Here are some ways how great leaders handle indecisive people.

They expect it

A lot of our searches are for sales people.

Strong, consistent sales people are hard to find and get snapped up quickly.

I’ve noticed there is one thing that great sales people do. They never get too excited about a potential deal until the contract has been signed. They’ve learned over the years that nothing can be relied upon 100% and rather than count their eggs before they are hatched, they spend most of their time focused on further sales activity.

There is nothing more frustrating than working on a large project or time consuming sale only to be left hanging. Or for the other person to change there mind. Or even – worst of all – for the other person to literally disappear.

Great leaders never get ahead of themselves.

They realize indecisiveness is a trait most humans have.

They are selective

Decisive people are worth their weight in gold.

People who make up their minds promptly, and do-what-they-say make the best bosses, the best clients and the best friends.

All great partnerships are built on mutual decisiveness.

Great leaders understand this and therefore don’t go chasing golden gooses all the time. They look hard for those people who act decisively and look to form selective relationships with these valuable people. They don’t simply listen to what people say – they value more what people actually do.

Actions truly speak louder than words.

Even in my own career, the best CEO’s I’ve ever worked with aren’t always looking for a recruiter with the most contacts or even most industry knowledge. They just want someone who can deliver what they want. When they want. Decisively.

Great leaders work with decisive people.

They make their own decisions

There is something worse than being indecisive.

And that is someone who is prepared to wait indefinitely for an indecisive person.

No-one respects someone who doesn’t value their own time. Great leaders realize that although they may not be able to make other people more decisive, they can at least use their own time effectively.

Great leaders believe in the value they offer and understand that there will always be someone else who will snap up the chance to partner with them.

Great leaders value their time.


Decision is power.

Indecision means taking what’s left.

Hiring managers can gain much from those people who act decisively – who know what they want. And then follow through.

How do you handle indecisive people?

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