How Great Leaders Give Hope


By Jas Singh

Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness. (Desmond Tutu)

Life is not always an easy journey. There will always be times of turmoil, difficulty and challenge. We all have dreams and aspirations, yet sometimes they can seem so far away.

Great leaders often earn their credentials before they become successful. Often, it’s during the times of darkness and hardship that the greatest leaders are born.

History has been littered with times when all seemed lost. Great wars. Disease. Economic depressions. Persecution and slavery.

All of us have experienced times at rock bottom. When there seems no more routes left, when we’re almost about to give up.

What keeps us going when our reasoning is telling us to give up?


Hope is the ingredient to which failure knows no answer.

And great leaders instil this belief to help the others around them.

Here are some reasons how great leaders give hope.

By having clear visions

Hopes and dreams can become real. But often to do so they need life consistently breathed into them. To keep them alive until they are transmuted into reality.

Great leaders do this by consistently communicating their beliefs to their followers in the form of visions. They take every opportunity they can – through meetings, presentations and writing to describe their visions as crystal clear as possible.

These visions become shared between followers. Hopes increase. Until they finally become beliefs.

Great leaders have clear visions.

By building plans and taking action

In ten years as a hiring specialist, I’ve worked with countless visionaries. CEO’s, entrepreneurs, thought leaders – you name it. Yet often, these visionaries still fail to inspire hope in their followers.

Usually visionaries can inspire people short term, but in the long term it’s not enough.


Because visions are inert without defined plans that are put into action. Great leaders understand that hopes that are based purely on promises of the future have limited effect. To increase their power, people must feel like they are doing something to try and make their hopes reality. That they are taking some type of steps towards their goal.

The going might be tough. It usually is. But at least we’re getting closer.

By using role models

So you’ve got a clear vision. You’ve built a plan. You’ve put it into action.

Is success now guaranteed?

Of course not. The greater achievements rarely are straight forward.

There will be inevitable problems. Consistent set backs. Even perhaps unbearable pain. So how do we keep going?

The answer is role models. As social creatures, we are programmed to be inspired by others. It moves us emotionally and keeps the flame burning. The knowledge that it has been accomplished by someone previously gives us the belief that our hopes will become reality. Often we work harder for others than we do for ourselves.

Whether it is a famous person, a loved one or even god, role models keep us believing that our hopes can be achieved.

Great leaders have great role models.


When times are tough great leaders instil hope.

All of us need hope – to believe that our dreams can become real.

Hiring managers can gain much from those people who help keep other’s hopes alive.

What do you hope for?

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