How Great Leaders Create Power


By Jas Singh

Power is essential for any major achievement.

What is power?

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, power is simply “the capacity or ability to direct or influence the behaviour of others”.

There are only two forms of power. Power by force (I.e. dictatorship) or power by consent. History has proved time after time that power by force can never endure.

Most great leaders were rarely born into power. It was something they had to create – consistently communicating their purpose until they obtained so much support from others that their purpose took on a power of its own. Often in times when freedom of speech was prohibited.

Here are some ways how great leaders create power.

By knocking doors

Often we seem to view powerful people as being lucky or out-of-our reach. That they seem to have this rare ability that simply attracts people out of nowhere.

Nothing could further from the truth.

Take a look at all the greatest leaders in any calling – in business, politics, even religion – and you will see that they all had to earn the right to be heard. Often having to deal with multiple rejections or consistently putting themselves on the line.

Most great religious leaders are famous for often walking thousands of miles – visiting village after village – just to give more life and power to their purpose.

Influencing anyone starts with an introduction. No one is waiting to call on you. You have create the opportunity.

Great leaders create their own opportunity.

By willing to stand by their purpose

Great power is rarely built overnight.

Most great leaders often have a revolutionary way of thinking. Something that challenges the status quo. That’s what makes them special.

The problem is big change can often be greeted with cynicism. Most people don’t like to change unless they have to. We all know great leaders who were often mocked and criticised when they first introduced their great ideas to the world.

Ironically, it’s at these times that these individuals start to attract other great leaders in society. You see great leaders understand that someone who has supreme confidence in the face of widespread criticism displays a unique quality.


It’s not the richest or smartest people who make their ideas reality.

It’s the ones who believe in them the most.

As emotional creatures, we admire those people who have passion and belief in what they do.

It inspires us to follow them.

By empowering others

Despite how enigmatic or hard working a leader is, lasting power can only be achieved in one way.

By empowering others.

Immense power can only be created when the flame of a leaders message burns within the hearts of his followers. When they too feel connected to the leaders belief and purpose. When they too communicate and spread the message as often as possible.

A measure of any leaders power is not determined by how many people listen. It’s determined by how many of those people talk.

Who continuously reach out and influence others.

It makes sure the message lives forever.


Power is often viewed negatively.

And there is no doubt that many people use positions of authority purely to get what they want at any cost.

But power can also used be used for good.

Hiring managers can gain much from those people who know how to generate power and momentum for the good and who can empower others.

Because there’s nothing better than empowering others.

Who do you empower?

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