How Great Leaders Create Great Moments


By Jas Singh

Often I ask people what has been the best thing about their career so far.

As a hiring specialist, it gives a great insight into what really motivates people and what they are really interested in.

The interesting thing is that most people rarely talk about general periods of time. When they look back and see what inspired them most, what really really moved them it’s nearly always specific moments in time.

Whether it is winning a particular client, working on a particular project or closing that big deal.

In fact for most of us, when we look back and reflect on our lives, what stands out are specific moments – birthdays, meeting our lovers for the first time, going to our first prom, the birth of our children.

Great leaders inspire their followers. It’s not just about mission statements and high pressure targets. They understand that by caring for their followers and creating great moments, they can often act as the fuel and motivation to continuously act and succeed.

Here are some ways how great leaders create great moments.

By doing something special

Most of us do the same thing most of the time. Although we work hard and may even be well rewarded, our lives can become a routine.

Which can become boring.

You see as highly cognitive beings, variety truly is the spice of life. We crave learning and experiencing new things. Often, the things that stand out in our lives are those when we did something different.

Something special.

It’s hard to create stand-out moments using the same work desk all the time. Great leaders understand that to inspire their followers and create special moments, they have go the extra mile.

Whether it’s amazing scenery, an offsite management meeting or simply taking a walk on a beautiful day. The best leaders I have ever worked with know how to create unique moments that inspire people.

Great leaders think outside the cubicle.

By having fun

Organisations are usually stressful places to work.

It’s difficult to create special and emotionally positive moments in a high pressure environment. Even in our personal lives, we’ve all experienced supposedly “fun” events such as birthdays and weddings spoiled because of the pressure and stress of the situation.

Great leaders understand that often to create truly unique and inspiring moments, sometimes it’s essential to forget about work for a while. To step outside the talk of targets, deadlines and performance. It’s hard to create special moments if it’s always about the high stakes stuff.

The truly great managers I have worked with have this unique ability to get the balance just right. Most of the time they are focused on the goals and performance of the organisation and their followers, but they know how to relax just at the right time so that the environment is still fun.

Great leaders are enjoyable to be around.

By making it all about the other person

What makes most of us feel special?

Why did we look forward to our birthday’s as children? Why do our lovers make us feel special? Why do we really love that selfie so much?

That’s right.

Because it’s all about us.

And that’s not in some type of selfish way. No, as social creatures we are programmed to love and give, but most of us spend so long thinking about others that we often forget to take time out for ourselves.

It’s healthy to make ourselves feel special.

Great leaders understand that more important than the lavish surroundings or expensive rewards, the key to making other’s feel special is by focusing everything on them. To express gratitude for the team’s effort, to give them recognition, to show them how much they mean to you.

Great leaders make others feel special.


Great moments make a great life.

Truly successful leaders understand that powerful memories and emotional events will inspire more than any set of statements or performance meetings.

Hiring managers can gain much from those people who have this unique ability to create special moments.

They can be the fuel to consistent success.

What’s your favorite moment?

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