8 Characteristics of a Successful Hiring Manager


Hiring Managers more than ever are competing for the best talent on the market. Within our increasingly connected world hiring managers must ensure they are improving their hiring skills to win the war for talent.Hiring Manager

Our research over the last 8 years has found the best hiring managers have the following characteristics:


1.       They are 100% committed to making a hiring decision within a named timeframe.

Successful hiring managers never hesitate. They understand the time and effort that goes into interviewing and always stick to deadlines.


2.       They have realistic expectations.

Strong hiring managers do not confuse interviewing with performance. They realise that interviewing well does not mean the candidate will perform well on the job and also candidates who do not interview well may still be excellent performers. They are aware of how their company is perceived in the market and have realistic expectations.


3.       They have very specific candidate requirements.

Hiring managers who cannot exactly articulate what they want cannot hire successfully on a consistent basis. The more “open” or “general” the requirements the less certain hiring will be. Good hiring managers realise most people excel at a small number of activities and the best hiring managers never focus on no more than 3 main requirements. They are never swayed by anything other than these.


4.       They commit to exclusivity with a single recruitment partner.

A search firm’s role is to screen candidates quickly and present a strong shortlist for interview. If a hiring manager uses more than one search firm, the competition will result in less screening in order to try and get resumes across as quickly as possible. The best hiring managers realise they cannot expect high quality search firms to source and screen candidates thoroughly unless they eventually will be paid for their efforts. Multiple recruitment firms will also result in the same candidate being contacted by different people making the hiring company seem desperate to fill the vacancy. Hiring managers are also prepared to change recruitment partner if no results are achieved within the stated time.


5.       They are the major decision maker and drive the recruitment process.

Successful manager’s make their own decisions. They may use the guidance of others but are prepared to go-it-alone if necessary. They understand this is the only route to leadership. They take control of the recruitment process and are hand-on all the way through and the major point of contact. Hiring is always their number one priority as they understand a manager’s number one role is to grow and look after their team. (Even more important than visiting clients or speaking with senior management or shareholders!).


6.       They do not need to meet lots of candidates.Kids Business

Unlikely as it may be, the top performing hiring managers will even hire the first candidate they meet if he or she meets their specific requirements. They use their time efficiently and on average meet no more than 4-6 candidates for each vacancy they fill.


7.       They have a quick and structured process.

Hiring managers should realise their hiring process is their sales pitch to prospective candidates. Those who move quickly and consistently will generate a much better impression. Top hiring managers understand the only way to consistently grow a business is being able to recruit quickly and reliably.


8.       They give accurate and swift feedback.

Strong hiring managers always give constructive feedback quickly. They realise the importance of their reputation in the marketplace where news can spread quickly.

Jas Singh, Director, Iopa Solutions